Knitting Retreat 2013

The third annual knitting retreat came and went, leaving nuggets of wisdom for all who participated. Here are a few:

1. If you are from out of town and you go to the family restaurant in town and if it is hopping and if everyone inside is very dressed up, you should leave. Because it is a funeral reception, and you just crashed it and made someone cry by asking about it.

2. If you go to a Mexican restaurant, even though you don't speak Mexican, and you order El Diablo and you drink it all, don't go to Walgreens right after. You will be too giggly and the cashier will eye you suspiciously.

3. If you want to get tattoos and you go to a tattoo parlor and the owner is there and literally has horns on his head and if he says the F word A LOT and if your tattoo designs are small and discreet instead of large and obvious, you should leave. Because he does not want to tattoo you, despite the fact that he is running a tattoo parlor.

4. You might knit something. You might not.

5. Cherry Berry is an acceptable dinner. So is taco pizza. So are vodka tonics.

6. You can crank up the heat on the thermostat at the bed and breakfast, because the owners are never there anyway and they refuse to give you breakfast in bed.

7. You will get lost. Especially if you use your GPS.

8. You will all pack and wear the same gray and black striped shirt. 

9. Stomping on asian lady beetles is fun. Crunch, crunch.

10. Brown food is delicious.

I cannot wait for next year!

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