Petals Quilt

 This was my project this week. I have had the pattern forever, and finally sorted through my scraps and got around to making it. It was my first ever applique quilt top. Size is 32" x 42" - baby quilt. Now to decide if I want to pay for some professional top quilting, or just try it myself. I am not sure who this is going to, but I am surrounded by fresh little baby girls these days, so it will find a home sooner or later. The original pattern calls for 12 evenly spaced circles, but obviously, I don't like symmetry.

Clara helpfully pointed out the gap right there..."Mommy, you should put something right here. It's empty."


  1. You are amazing! G

  2. I love the asymmetry of the quilt, and the fact that it's not a typical pink baby girl quilt.

    I think Crafty Planet has a sewing machine that can top-quilt, you can work on their machines for $5/hour.