Washi Tunic

Apparently when it is 20º below normal temperatures and there is snow on the ground in mid April, I make myself sleeveless shirts and dresses. It must be the optimist in me.

This is the Washi Dress pattern, and it was lovely to sew. I made it into a tunic because I was using fabric from the stash (green Kona cotton) and didn't want to buy more. Next time I will do a dress. Best part: pockets! I love pockets. By the way, when you ask your four year old to take the pictures, you will have no head. :)

I see more of these in my future.


  1. Can I see some of those (or one) in my future, too? SUPER cute!!

    1. You buy the fabric (2 yards for a tunic, 3 for a dress) and I will sew it for you!