charity quilt preview

Happy end of summer to you. Labor Day weekend gets me excited; I love the crisp fall air coming in and the start of schedules and daily structure (yes, yes, I am Type A). Anyway, I thought I would drop a quick note -

The dinosaur sweater is coming along, but not finished yet. I am not going to post pics until the end because it will look so very much better after some good blocking. I kind of love/hate color work.

I decided to make a baby quilt for my friend's charity auction. Here's a teaser (bad night time photo, sorry!):

Her organization is called Ted E. Bear Hollow, and it is a place for grieving children and families. I hope my little contributions will help.

In a week my baby boy will be three. How did that happen so quickly? This last year has changed him so much. When he turned two, he was grunting as his main form of communication, and now I can't stop his chatter if I try! He has really become a little man. We will be celebrating with the MOA aquarium, pizza and a T-Rex cake (his requests) and oh yeah, he wants his cake *blueberry.* I am thinking it will be this.

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  1. yumness. O is so, so cute. and so 3 already. I love that you are making a quilt for charity. You're the best. <3