I was commissioned to knit an Aang hat for my nephew for Halloween. I don't know this character, but I know the words Avatar and Airbender are involved....Oliver is modeling it for me. Hope it works for you, Carly!

I also test knit my friend Gilda's new lacy hat pattern. Cute! Pardon the self portraits...my arms are never long enough! ha. I was concerned it was too short, but after I blocked it, it stretched out and now it's perfect!

Love it, Gilda!

I frogged my dinosaur sweater. It was causing me anxiety. Next up is winter gear for the kids. I am going for classic outerwear this year.


  1. Love it!!!! So perty. Winding leaves on the top would be uber cute.

  2. I decided to skip the leaves...I kind of think it took away from the lace.

  3. Well, it's very nice. Thank you for trying out my pattern and giving really great feedback. You rock girlfriend.