craft fair, part II

Mini clutches. (tutorial found here)

With pleats.

And lots of different fabrics.I want to keep them all.

What do you think--do they need a wrist strap?

Also, would you buy this for $10? I am terrible at prices. I typically give away everything I make.

Oh, PS, I got a sitter, so the craft fair is really a go! A good thing, since I now have 15 dolls and 10 mini clutches staring at me. I want a third item, and I am thinking baby bonnets, but I'm not completely sure since winter is not really bonnet season. I want something I can make completely from my stash. So far everything has been. I am not sure if you know, but I am a fabric hoarder. *hanging head in shame*


  1. don't be ashamed. I am a hoarder of all craft things. beads, yarn, fabric. oy. THESE ARE SO CUUUUUUTE!! I'm definitely buying one. And for 10.00 - what a deal!!!! You're going to sell out.

  2. third item: Aang hats? You could start a trend! I'd like to see old men wearing them, to be honest.

  3. The clutches are TOTALLY CUTE! $10 is a STEAL. Go for it. You could do $12 or 2 for $20? How long does it take you to make them? How much are you paying to be a part of the craft fair? Just the business part of me coming out, that's all. :)

  4. I would totally pay $12 for the clutches. Oober cute. -Edhead

  5. tie hankies for girls (you know the head ones?). I love the little case you gave me. I use it for several different things. coin purse for little ones. pot holders. table mats. eyeglass case? aprons. kids 'helper' aprons. Funky drawstring bags for gifts or holiday stuff.

  6. With those fabrics, and easy $15.