repurposed baby blankets

I was sorting through my linen closet and found a ton of unused baby blankets. When you have three babies in four years, apparently you get a lot of blankets! Unfortunately, my babies don't sleep with blankets. Sleep sacks are my favorite after swaddling and before the big bed.

Ruthie has a few that I made her with this pattern, but she outgrew the length and needed some new ones. Enter: unused blankets. I just traced her current sleep sack on top and added length, then sewed it up. Fleece is easy like that. I decided the zipper wasn't that important and just left a big enough slit to pull it up her body. Now she has lots of room to wiggle those toes. :)

She is all "cheese!" for photos these days. (Note the big bite marks on the crib side - ugh!)

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  1. Awesome! I would totally pay you to make one or two for Ivy! (Not that you're offering) :)