I saw these photos on another blog and thought they were funny.

It's a strange winter, here in Minnesota. Yesterday it was like 50 degrees outside. We had no coats on and pulled out all the sandbox toys. Now today, it is snowing. I had to quickly run outside and clean up all the sandbox toys. :)

Anyway. I made some lefse.

And hosted my dinner club. We did Scandinavian cuisine. People came sporting their Nordic sweaters.

A photography friend asked me to make a homecoming banner for a Marine coming home next week. She wanted it red, white, and blue, and with the word "together" on it. I was originally going to use felt, but Joann's didn't have the right colors exactly. Then I wandered the cotton aisles, but nothing really jumped out at me. I meandered over to the home decor section and found some duck cloth in the right colors, at the right price (50% off!). Score! The triangles are 6" wide and 7" long. I printed off the letters in PowerPoint and then pinned the paper to the duck cloth and cut with some really sharp scissors. If I had a Silhouette machine, it would have gone faster, but hey, this was cheap and I didn't have to store anything afterward. Less is more, right?

It is really windy out, so hard to get a good photo of it..

When I was thinking about the binding to hold the pennants together, I thought a nautical look would be appropriate, so I used some chunky rope I had for making piping. I really like it and can't wait to see the professional photos with it.


  1. I've never seen the craft ones! Funny!
    Here's some library Ryan- I think they're pretty funny, too.