Round Thursdays

You know how sometimes, you take a shower and kind of zone out and then suddenly you think - "Wait, did I already wash my hair?" - and you just can't remember, so you do it again? Well, I am trying hard to NOT be like that in my daily life.

It is no mystery that I love Thursdays. They have always been my favorite days.

I think I love them even more this year, because it is the only day of the week that we have absolutely zero plans. Lately, it's been declared PJ Day, and we bum around the house doing whatever we want. (Especially today, as the high is zero degrees. The HIGH.)

This is the last year that we will have an off day for all three kids, since next year, our lives will be dictated by school schedules and routines, with the biggest going to Kindergarten.

Because I know that this is a rare time of togetherness with my children, I am trying harder to be in the moment with them.

Today has been packed full of activities:
  • Heart garland
  • Origami Valentine "mail" boxes for leaving notes for each other
  • Irish soda bread
  • Sock Toss game (three bowls, a start line, and a balled up sock)
  • Fort building
  • Much crafting
  • Dance party
  • Song singing
  • Book reading
  • Playdough making

Three cheers for Thursdays!


  1. Only on Thursdays was my motto in High School. I'll have to tell you another time why ;)

    You're the best mom. !!!

  2. You are so great! You inspire. Really.

  3. Awwwww....I want to be like you :)

  4. Will you make me some bread, too?