Hudson Hat Knock Off

A friend asked me to knit The Hudson Hat for her soon-to-be babe. Of course, that pattern has been around forever and I remember when it first came out. I never bought it though (SEVEN dollars!? Color me cheap). Here is my knock off. I created it using two free patterns. The earflaps were inspired by the Cozy Hat pattern, and the body was inspired by the Munchkin Hat pattern. Details are on my ravelry page. I didn't share too much of the pattern, because I am sure the Hudson Hat lady wouldn't be very happy about that.

My favorite part is the crinkly pompom. It was repurposed from a frogged project that had been sitting in my pile for years (literally four years! The yarn is from longies I made Clara when she turned one). When I pulled it apart, the yarn was all crinkled from the stitches and it stuck. Makes me happy.

Another example of the excellence of blocking.
See how the edge of the hat is wiggly and not flat? See how the earflaps curl in?

Except for the blocking crease - that will be gone soon - all flat and laying the way I want it to.

It makes everything better.

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