T-Rex Costume

T-Rex! Roar!

Like I mentioned earlier, I loosely followed the photo tutorial on Flickr I found when doing a google search for t-rex costumes. If I were really nice, I would write some instructions for you, but I'm not. So there.

Total cost for the head was $3.00. One large box, one small, thinner box, and three paper bags. Duct tape and hot glue. Random paint we had. One egg carton (eyes). Felt for the teeth. The body was about $10 for the fleece and zipper. Total cost, $13. Ta da!

Head supplies:

Fitting the frame:


I added paper bag "scales":

This green is the paint color in my bedroom. Nice.

He looks a little slap-happy. That is what late night beer + hot glue + husband help will get you.

The body was made from a McCalls pattern. This one.

The tail cracks me up. It'll be dragging down the street.

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  1. I'm so impressed, Kristy! Oliver must be over the moon for it!