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I am a total procrastinator. Halloween is in six days and I have yet to make the boy's costume. He wants to be a T-rex. I am taking my inspiration from this photo set on Flickr. I think I can do it. I have a pattern for the body and a box for the head. Fingers crossed it works!

The big girl wanted desperately to be Tinkerbell, so I forked over $20 on a flimsy costume....only for her to now insist that she will ONLY be a ladybug. Argh. Really, child!? But the more I think about it, a ladybug costume would be super easy to make. So...maybe. Or maybe it will be a lesson in sticking with original ideas. We'll see how generous I am feeling.

The craft fair was fun. I didn't sell a ton, but I wasn't in it to make loads of money. I had more fun selling Gilda's stuff. Ha. Anyway, some ladies came by that have a little shop in S. Mpls and want to sell my dolls there! Yay for that. I also listed the ruffle scarves in my Etsy shop. As many people have noticed, my Etsy shop is shameful. Seriously, I ought to fill it with things. I think that will be my goal for the winter.

I made another mobius cowl. They are so fun to make! I love this yarn. It is sort of a wool roving.

You may remember that I was going to make a lot of cute clothes for myself. I said it, attempted one crappy dress, and stopped. Well, guess what? I didn't forget. This one is next:

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  1. I like your cowl. You could easily keep something little in it, like a hamster. A little hamster sling.