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Sometimes I feel inspired to make everything and anything EXCEPT what I should be making. SIGH. Wouldn't this be cute to make! And so easy to figure out! Clara needs one in her life.

(photo from Wild Things Dresses)

Of course more dolls to finish for another store to carry.

and some bonnets to list in the shop.

oh and I offered to make 20 totes for the children's quiet activities to use during services at church.

Hi, my name is Kristy and I overcommit. Not really, but sometimes it kind of feels like I do.

I knit a little baby cocoon for a photographer friend. I didn't take any pictures because my camera battery was dead and I was feeling lazy. I will get some pics and the free pattern up on here when she uses it and lends me a photo or two!

By the way, it astounds me that I get hundreds of hits each week for my bonnet tutorial post. I never thought it would become so popular! I am working on different sizes and will hopefully have some bigger ones to offer shortly.

My Cabled Mini Scarf pattern  has a lot of projects on Ravelry now and seems to be a success as well! Yay for free knock-off patterns.

I received some new fabrics in the mail last week. Not sure what they will turn into yet, but they are lovely! Sometimes fabric is so lovely that I just can't bear to use them for a long time. Hopefully not the case here, because what is the point of a pretty fabric, if it just sits in my fabric bin in the basement? No point at all.

Recently I saw some of my things in random Pinterest pins. It almost makes me feel famous :)

I ordered some fabric with my logo on it to make into labels. This is the cheap way to do it. Spoonflower is awesome!

Hmm I think that is enough rambling for one night. Good night!

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